Inkjet Waterslide Paper white-(A4) 5 pieces per pkt

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Waterslide Water Paper Inkjet 

Print your images/design on the blank paper from a printer.
Allow printed design dry.
Spray paper thoroughly with clear acrylic spray to prevent running or bleeding when wet.
acrylic spray is available from any hardware stores or art supplies

Allow to dry.
Trim the paper (where possible).
Put it into warm water for 20 - 60 seconds.
until the design can be removed from the backing paper.
Carefully Slip the design from the backing paper to the object surface to minimise air/water bubbles.
Make it smooth and absorb the water in and aside of the design.
Remove the excessive moisture and air bubbles.
Use the special rubber scraper to wipe from center and clean any excessive gum/water.
If air bubbles cannot be removed, puncture it with a pin.

5 pieces per pkt 


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