Sublimaton Pen Pack

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Sublimation pen pack includes 

Sublimation pens

2 Sublimation coasters

1 Sublimation wristlet

4 Sublimation A4 sheets of Sublimation paper.

How to use Sublimation Pens
Draw firmly on Sublimation Paper
If no words, you are set to heat your design on sublimation products.
If you have written words you need to mirror design by putting the design in the heat press. Place paper with design facing up. Place a blank piece on sublimation paper on top of design. Set heat press at 200oc. Press the 2 pieces of paper together for 22sec.
The top piece of paper will have the mirrored design on it. It is now ready to use on Sublimation Products.
To Sublimate on Coasters and wristlet. Set heat press at 200oc. Press for 45-55sec use medium pressure.
The sublimation pens can be used on any sublimation products.
Can also be drawn on in your cutting machine




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