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30cm x 50cm roll

Note: If you would like to purchase a meter (30 cm width) please select quantity as 2. (They will be supplied as two 30 x 50 cm sheets not as a continuous meter)




Applications Settings

Home Iron

Set iron dial between Cotton and Linen

Cover with Teflon sheet or Baking paper

place flat, hard surface (ironing board is not recommended)

Press iron with medium/firm pressure (do not slide iron)

Press each section of design for 30seconds

If areas of design life after application, replace cover sheet and repress for 15-30seconds 

Peel carrier hot or cold

Application Settings

Heat Press

Cover with Teflon Sheet or Baking paper

Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds

Apply design at 150 degrees/305 F

Use Medium pressure for 30 seconds

Peel carrier hot or cold 

Repress for 30seconds


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