Pyrography Marker- Wood Burning Pen

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Scorch marker

The Scorch Marker is a revolutionary, new way to complete wood burning projects. Simply prep your surface by sanding to at least 220 grit. Then shake your Scorch Marker and apply your design. Once you have completed your design, apply heat. the design will begin to burn into the wood. The more heat you apply, the darker the design! This is best accomplished with a heat gun, but an oven can also be used (350 F until desired affect is achieved).

Simple and easy to use design is ideal for precise wood burning projects

Odor free and non-toxic chemical wood burning pen

3 mm chisel tip with dispensing valve for improved accuracy and application

Works on most types of wood, for best results, sand to 220 and apply a light stain or oil prior to using the Scorch Marker

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