LED Light Base with 2mm Acrylic

Rectangle Clear 2mm Acrylic: Rectangle 2mm Clear Acrylic with LED Light Base
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LED Black base Colour Changing Light comes with 2mm Acrylic, remote and usb Cord. Perfect for engraving or applying Adhesive Vinyl.

Colours change to Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Purple, and White. There’s also a setting to automatically cycle through all seven colors.

Can be Powered by three AA batteries that fit into the bottom of the base. Or use the included USB cable to power the base without batteries.

Remote Control — The included 24 keys remote control provides another way to turn on/off, change between colors, and activate flashing/fading modes. 

With IR remote control, you can turn on/off the LED Base 5~15 meters away. You can select slow gradual change mode, fast gradual change mode, fast flash mode, slow flash mode and select certain light with IR Remote.
Slot is 70mm Wide x 4.5mm
Come with spacer to hold the Acrylic tight.
To Pop the spacer in push the spacer and acrylic in together gently 
Rectangle size is 130mm x 185mm
Circle 150mm 

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