Die Cut - Birds- Iron On (HTV)

Material: Eagle
Sale price$7


Iron on Vinyl patch- Approx 10cm wide
(Can be adhered with an iron or heat press)


Step 1: Cut out desired picture (if in a set)

Step 2: Remove white backing

Step 3: Apply to desired surface

If using an iron:

Step 4: Set to cotton setting, turn off steam

Step 5: Pre iron garment so it is flat and warm.

Step 6: Place iron onto print and hold with medium pressure for 10 seconds, using this part of the iron:
Avoid the tip and do not move around.

Step 7: Flip over and iron the back for 15 seconds

Step 8: Peel clear transfer off picture, if not stuck, wait for it to cool, try and peel from a different spot on picture.

If using a heat press:

Step 4: set at 150 and press for 15 secs, front and back.

Step 5: peel transfer paper off.

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