Inkjet Printable Vinyl. Light fabric

Inkjet Printable Vinyl. Light fabric

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 This is best inkjet heat transfer paper for color retention on LIGHT Garment. With an easy peel and superior color, this is the choice that many customers make when choosing a transfer paper for bright, vivid images. Perfect for artwork, photos and more! Our transfer paper is also compatible with most cutters.

This transfer paper works in most inkjet printers and can be applied by either a hand iron or heat press. 

Note: Although home irons can be used for this transfer paper, we highly recommend using a heat press to achieve the softest feel, brightest color and best durability
Heat press setting:

Medim pressure, wait 15 min for image drying after printed, set heat press to 180C, press 10 seconds, cold peel.

Washing Instructions:

  • Wash after 24 hours
  • Wash shirt inside out. DO NOT rub the image too hard, can be hand or machine wash